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Angel Voices Spray paint, acrylic and digital print on canvas, 91cm x 196cm. 2020

Today was a Good Day acrylic, spray paint and digital print on canvas, 2 x 102cm x 76cm. 2021


between us single channel film 3m 01s, 2017. Words in collaboration with Polly Gregson

between us installation view, 2017



Never draw in blue biro 

you can’t erase your mistakes. 

She yelled.


In that sticky blue I boldly wrote AIR below the embroidered swoosh.

This was no mistake

now, they were real.


Got the Nikee’s on today then? 

He’s noticed my trainers.

30 years has passed,

I’ve come to say goodbye.


This time the AIR is real.

No AIR, no entry, 

I’ve been accepted 


I don’t want my kids to have shit trainers 

He said, they’ll get the piss taken out of them at school.


Three days later, he was gone.

Air to Fuck All Biro on canvas, 84.1cm x 59.4cm. 2020

Share & Share Alike Acrylic, studio & Instagram, dimension variable.. 2020


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The Buskers (Blister in the Sun) 30 minute performance, 2016
The Buskers​ is a performance work involving buskers (a minimum of 4) spread about a public space all performing the same song at the same time, in this case it is Blister in the Sun by the Violent Femmes.

The images shown here are documentation from when the work which was staged as part of the Inland Art Festival in Redruth, Cornwall on Saturday 22 October, 2016.

A review of the work can be found here

One, none and a hundred thousand Acrylic and lacquer on unprimed canvas, 59.4cm x 84.1cm. 2020

MonaLisa Screenprint on paper 77 cm x 53
MonaLisa Screenprint on paper 77 cm x 53

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MonaLisa Screenprint on paper 77 cm x 53
MonaLisa Screenprint on paper 77 cm x 53

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Mona Lisa published gig review in local paper and screen print on paper, 77 x 53cm. 2011
Mona Lisa is a fake gig review written around a map of words and phrases that were listed by describing from top to bottom the Mona Lisa, arguably the most famous art work in the world. The review was then constructed around this framework of words (mapped in the positions that correspond with their visual counterparts on the actual painting) and submitted to the local paper where it was then published and featured in 100k+ copies of that weeks edition, this completed the work.


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