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Liam Jolly





Pa-ra-did-dle is a project in collaboration with Krystle Patel 

Both described the feeling of those fleeting moments when a relationship between things in a particular time and space come together to make sense, and sometimes don’t. They believe these experiences to be wholly personal and beyond control. Slippage’s between layers of consciousness within an instant encourage focus on the value of one’s momentary presence and contentment.






A quiet internal pleasure.  

From this material captured from isolated and personal, yet otherwise quite insignificant moments via text message over several months a dialogue composed of image, text and sound had evolved into a language enabling the pair to focus the work around ideas of coincidence, beats and bonds. 


This resulted in the creation of an installation that by the time it had arrived in Redruth, Cornwall for a show at Back Lane West, felt like an exhibition of the project so far, and was presenting an environment featuring of many of these interrelating sounds and images, whilst presenting the audience with a multitude of possible experiences and outcomes, no two the same.  

Shifting between form and gesture, they have developed a space for the viewer to absorb and inwardly reflect. 


Relying on repetition and polyphony, it is hoped that the value granted by relinquishing oneself to external control has the potential to be offset by the development of deep internal unions from an intuitive response to what is presented. Viewers my feel these words, and with time singular forms absorbed may connect with others to form a syntax within.  



By assigning the casual or fortuitous aspects to the external, this focuses the internal space as mutable, adapting and responsive to the stimuli presented. 

All of the material presented first existed as part of a WhatsApp conversation between the two.

At the time sharing images was an exercise into ways of communicating, sometimes one sided, with natural pauses and rhythms, punctuated by longer breaks, but filled with various coincidences and humorous moments. 

In response to the idea of sharing their experience of this time by making an exhibition, favourites were selected and so began the process of creating collaborative collages of this digital content. 

Meeting for the first time IRL for the installation at Turf Projects - after it was decided that the show should get two outings, London & Cornwall – was where the project really came to life beyond the confines of an iPhone screen or Dropbox subfolder. 

Here the project became a real time experiment between the two and the work, in a space and with an audience.

Rhythm expresses this in its most simplest form, out of sync one minute, repetitive and aligning the next, forming an intensified alternative beat. 


                                         Pa-ra-did-dle is about the joy of making this point, the one you can’t catch.

Randomly introduced for The Exchange, an online arts exchange programme set up by East Side Projects in Birmingham – and as a consequence of previous failed pairings – the pair took instant joy that chance had thrown them together, only to discover deep rooted similarities that established the foundations of this project.


Until the first iteration of Pa-ra-did-dle – presented at Turf Projects, Croydon in November 2021 - the pair, one based in London and the other in Cornwall, had never met in person. But over the course of 6 months they had collaborated to produce this work exploring ideas around what it is to be present through uncertainty, and valuing process over final product.

Krystle Patel website

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