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A I R (shit trainers) 2021, Biro on canvas, 35cm x 25cm, poem and looped film.

Come on Beanbag, don't let me down mate...2019, looped sound installation made for Tremenheere Sculpture Gardens

Down the Dogs 2017 single channel film (experts)

The Buskers (Blister in the Sun) 30 minute performance, 2016


The Buskers​ is a performance work involving buskers (a minimum of 4) spread about a public space all performing the same song at the same time, in this case it is Blister in the Sun by the Violent Femmes. The images shown here are documentation from when the work was staged as part of the Inland Art Festival in Redruth, Cornwall on Saturday 22 October, 2016.


A review of the work can be found here

Mona Lisa 2011 published gig review in local paper and screen print on paper, 77 x 53cm. 


Mona Lisa is a fake gig review written around a map of words that written down on a page describing from top to bottom the Mona Lisa, arguably the most famous art work in the world. The review was then constructed around this framework of words (mapped in the positions that correspond with their visual counterparts on the actual painting) and submitted to the local paper where it was then published and featured in 100k+ copies of that weeks edition, this completed the work.

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