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FOUR FOUR, Grays Wharf, Penryn. 3-17 December 2022


Liam Jolly presents a new installation, Four Four inspired by the popular time signature. Using the four/four rhythm as a metaphor and departure point, the project explores archetypes, seriality and personal biography whilst considering how artworks perform; where does something become and stop being art, and who decides?

He layers and accumulates source materials from personal memories, pop culture, art history, recycled work and fragments from the everyday in a process that reflects on identity, subjectivity, legacy and desire. 

Using rocks borrowed from Carn Brea - the large hill and former neolithic site that towers over his hometown of Redruth – occasional text message sound alerts, a classified ad and a drawing of Amy Winehouse; these are just some of those fragments accumulated here, that point towards notions of time and place. Some have passed, some remain and some yet to come, but here he explores how they collectively underpin the here and now.  

Adjacent to this practice, Jolly works in many public-facing fields informed by his interest in gathering and community. Within this dissonance of shifting positions between public and private, on and off stage, internal and external, his work explores all that makes and connects us; from the micro to the macro as well as the bits that are missing.

carn be seen and not heard, rocks from c

Carn be seen and not heard 2022 rocks from Carn Brea, ephemera from artists home fridge and metal shelfs, 122cm x 400cm x 340cm

Carn be seen and not heard 2022 (detail)

Carn be seen and not heard 2022 (detail)

…and little did he know, it was about to begin 2022, Green Screen cotton curtains and motorised track, 188cm x 798cm

(programmed to open and close every 3 minutes for the duration of the show)

John, Paul, George & Ringo 2022, Black bags on paper, 89cm x 82cm

Give em what they want (a portrait of Amy Winehouse) 2022 graphite on paper, rock from Carn Brea, Guinness can & shelf, dimensions variable


Shelf Stacker (Wilco Johnson Blue) 2022 Acrylic, emulsion and spray paint on canvas, 203cm x 152cm.

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